Concealed Weapons Permit


The State of Florida will not accept online Concealed Carry course.

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                                                         Sun.   Dec.      9,    2018           9:00am CLASS FULL

                                                         Thur. Dec.     13,   2018          10:00am

                                                         Sat.    Dec.     22,   2018           9:00am

                                                         Sun.  Dec.     23,    2018          9:00am

                                                         Sat.    Dec.     29,   2018          9:00am

                                                         Sun.   Dec.    30,   2018           9:00am

                                                         Sat.     Jan.       5,    2019          9:00am

                                                         Sun.   Jan.        6,    2019        9:00am

                                                         Thur. Jan.       10,   2019      10:00am

                                                          Sat.   Jan.       12,    2019       9:00am

                                                         Sun.   Jan.      13,    2019         9:00am

                                                         Thur. Jan.     24,     2019       10:00am

                                                         Sun.   Jan.     27,      2019         9:00am

                                                         Sat.     Feb.       2,       2019        9:00am

                                                         Sun.    Feb.       3,       2019        9:00am

                                                        Thur.   Feb.      7,        2019      10:00am

                                                         Sun.    Feb.     10,       2019        9:00am

                                                         Sun.    Feb.      17,       2019        9:00am

                                                         Sun.   March    3,       2019        9:00am

                                                        Thur.  March   21,     2019        10:00am

                                                        Sun.    March   24,    2019         9:00am

                                                        Sat.     March   30,    2019          9:00am

                                                        Sun.    March   31,    2019          9:00am

                                                        Thur.  April       4,     2019         10:00am

                                                        Sat.      April      6,     2019           9:00am

                                                        Sun.    April       7,     2019           9:00am

                                                       Thur.   April      18,    2019          10:00am

                                                        Sun.    April      21,    2019           9:00am

                                                       Sun.     April      28,    2019           9:00am

                                                       Sat.       May         4,     2019           9:00am

                                                       Sun.      May         5,     2019           9:00am

                                                      Sun.      May        12,    2019           9:00am

                                                      Thur.    May        16,    2019          10:00am

                                                       Sun.      May       19,     2019            9:00am

                                                       Sun.      May       26,     2019            9:00am




If you have served in the US military and have your DD 214, you don’t need to take a class to apply for your concealed weapons permit license.

Your Responsibly as a Gun Owner Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not—the right to own firearms. But with this right comes a great responsibility.  It is the firearms owner’s responsibility to get the proper training, to become proficient with his or her firearms and to develop safe gun handling skills.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her firearms. And it is the firearms owner’s responsibility to learn and obey all laws that pertain to the purchase, possession and use of firearms in his or her State. In the hands of a safe, well trained and responsible individual, guns are safe.

*Price: $65.00 per person.


Bring a friend and pay only $110 for both!

Please email us both students’ names attending class and the desired date

Includes loaner gun and ammunition. Range fee not included ($12).  This pertains to all our CWP Classes.

Certificate will be provided to the student at the end of the class. To make sure that we have the right spelling of your name, we need you to sign up and pay online. The certificate does not expire — you can use it to apply for your licence at any time. The Class fee does not include State Licensing Fees.

When you take the class with us, we will give you the information on how to get your license back in 4 to 7 weeks (normally), instead of the typical 5-7 months!!!

If you are a legal U.S. resident (it is not necessary to be a U.S. citizen), 21 years of age or older, and of good character and have a clean record, you are entitled to a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

You are required to take a Concealed Weapons Permit Class before you can apply for your licence. The cost for the licence is $112, and must be paid directly to the State.

Our Concealed Weapons Permit Classes last 3 to 4 hours (+ time at the shooting range after), depending on class size, and will give you the necessary foundations to handle, care for and carry your handgun. When coming to class, all you need to bring is a valid form of ID.

All the needed notary services, fingerprinting, photos, help to fill out the aplication, etc. will be provided at the local State of FL office.


Our class covers the following topics:

*Proper Equipment and Maintenance
*Cartridge malfunctions (Misfire, Hangfire, Squibfire)
*Proper Handling of Firearms
*Florida Laws
*Proper Grip
*Sight Alignment
*Proper Trigger Press Techniques
*Tactical/Defensive Mindset

… and much more!




Florida Reciprocity States


Permit Now Valid for 7 Years and in 35 States!


*As laws tend to change over time, it is the applicant’s responsibility to know the law and to find out about possible changes.