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If you have served in the US military and have your DD 214, you don't need to take a class to apply for your concealed weapons permit license.

Learn more about our "CWP/Level 1 Pistol Class-Combo" here. 
Learn more about our "CWP/Tactical Pistol 1 Class-Combo" here.  
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Sunday   April 12, 2015 9:00am
Sunday   April 19, 2015 9:00am
Saturday May   2, 2015 9:00am
Classes are held at : 15190 SW 136 St, #14, Miami, 33196 -- on the south side of Tamiami airport.


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Your Responsibly as a Gun Owner Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not—the right to own firearms. But with this right comes a great responsibility.  It is the firearms owner’s responsibility to get the proper training, to become proficient with his or her firearms and to develop safe gun handling skills.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her firearms.  And it is the firearms owner’s responsibility to learn and obey all laws that pertain to the purchase, possession and use of firearms in his or her State. In the hands of a safe, well trained and responsible individual, guns are safe.

Concealed Carry Class

Price: $65.00 pr. person.

Bring a friend and pay only $110 for both! Sign up here

Includes loaner gun and ammunition. Range fee not included. ($10) This pertains to all our CWP Classes.

Certificate will be provided to the student at the end of the class. To make sure that we have the right spelling of your name, we need you to sign up and pay online. The certificate does not expire -- you can use it to apply for your licence at any time. The Class fee does not include State Licensing Fees.

Concealed Weapons Permit


Castle Doctrine Law

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Check your eligibility for a Concealed Weapon/Firearm License!

Frequently Asked Questions

Processing Time For Applications *

Possession Restrictions

Use of Deadly Force

Questions and Answers


State of Reciprocity

How to be licensed to carry

If you can't find the answer you are looking for through these links, please call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: (850) 245-5691

* Take the class with Miami Firearms Training, and get your license within weeks instead of months!


Tactical Firearms Training Class

What some of our students are saying:

"I want to share my experience with Julio and his firm. I signed up for the concealed weapons class. This is something I always wanted to do, but just put it off. While I did handle weapons as a youth growing up in New England, it had been many years. I was a little aprehensive going in. Am I too old, will I remember all the things I was taught etc. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Julio welcomed me personally as he did with every clas member and made us all feel very comfortable.  The class was very informative. It wasn't just a sit and listen and you go home. Julio encouraged interaction with all the students and made the class fun. We each got personal attention on the pistol handling and were trained to consider safety at all times.  After the class we went to the shooting range to exercise our new skills. One at a time Julio guided us on the loading, aiming and firing of our chosen weapons. By the end of the day I felt that I was highly trained and skilled. This would never would  have happened if done on my own. Julio, a big THANK YOU! I will be signing up for the next level of training and can't wait to get back to the range to sharpen my skills!" ~ Rich Rosand

"Thank You for Your Excellent CWP Training class of Today.

You give an excellent training class for the CWP and covered the area in depth. I taught technical subjects while in the Air Force for five years so I recognize an excellent instructor when I see one. Thank you from me and my family." ~ Bill Dingley

 “Julio, I just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance and great class. Got my license in only 8 days after applying for it, and at those looking to get a CWP , all I can say is, you can’t go wrong in his class. It’s hard not to repeat what is being said in the other testimonies … but I too am looking forward to the next class.” ~ Carlos Rodriguez

"Attended 7 Nov 2010 CWP class presented by Julio Cortes. This gentleman is truly passionate about his work, and it showed in what was one of the best classes, subject matter aside, that I have ever taken. Besides his superb firearm and tactical knowledge, I especially appreciated his patient and thorough handling of student questions. With his wit, humor, and inventive use of teaching props, he turned what could have potentially been a dry, ho hum, let's get it over with, classroom scenario into a most enjoyable and informative experience. Thank you, Mr. Cortes--you are a superb teacher and wish there were more like you." Richard M.

"I wanted to write you this email to express my sincere thanks after attending today's CWL class. My fiancee, my cousin, and I all thoroughly enjoyed our experience and would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking instruction and certification to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Florida. Even though I have had some previous military firearms training, my cousin has had some very limited firearms experience, and my fiancee had shot a pistol exactly one time before today, the course was engaging, informative, and useful for all three of us. Your effective use of props, engaging teaching style, and ideal mixture of wit and the ability to stress the seriousness and value of safety rules and proper firearms handling made what could have otherwise been a relatively boring or monotonous lecture into a vibrant and informative day. I appreciate the individual time you took with my fiancee and others who required additional instruction and encouragement and it is a testament to your love for the sport and desire to inspire a sense of civic responsibility to preserve our Second Amendment rights in your students. We look forward to registering for your next available Tactical Pistol I course in April and have plans to progress through your entire Tactical Pistol series of courses (I-III) and eventually progressing to the Tactical Carbine and mixed firearm courses.
See you on the range..."
~ Jeffrey Rosales

Tactical Pistol 2 Class

"I was in Julio's class of CWL , and I got  the licence in my pocket
only in  two weeks, thanks to the instructor's teaching and his guidance, also
the class was very informative and enjoyable. I recommend anyone who wants to
have his license soon." Raul

"Hello Julio, Thank you for an excellent class today. I had forgotten how much I enjoy target shooting! I found your instruction today to be well-planned and professionally executed. You demonstrated your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter, and the time seemed to fly by. Congratulations on a job well done, which I'm sure is the norm for you. My husband sends his thanks once again for allowing him to observe. You can be sure that we will recommend you and your company to any of our friends (not the liberals!) who may be interested in any of your courses.
~ Susise Blank

"My bestfriend Jeanette and I thank you very much for your wisdom on defensive actions to take and of control over ourselves. We will love to continue more training with you as soon as possible. Again we thank you." Jessie

"Julio`s class moves along nicely for the experienced shooter and the newbie. His info relating to the miss firing of a pistol is something every shooter should learn. He also takes the time to show every student the basis of a pistol grip and trigger pull.This was paramount for my wife since she won`t listen to me..." Chris Guarino 

"Just wanted to express many thanks to Mr. Julio Cortes for giving me the opportunity for taking his CWP class (July 10th). It was a great experience and i can't wait until Aug.21 for the Tactical Pistol 1 Session. I also could not hesitate to become an NRA member! Thanks for the advice Julio! Hope to see you and the family soon..." 
~ Luis R. Chavez

"Just wanted to thank you again. The class and all your instruction have been wonderful. Hope to see you soon. Thank you so much!" Debbie

"I love the class it was a very hands on experience and I recommend anybody that wants to learn about different kind of gun Julio is truly the best, The best was shooting and I am going to continue any lesson with Mr. Cortes."  Mayteh Bordas Perez

"What a pleasure it was to have Julio teach our class. Besides his knowlege of firearms his humility and character were a blessing to all of us." Susie Ebersole

"I just want to say thank you Julio for all the information and great support you gave to people like me, a begining shooter. I'll follow all your recomendations.
Thank you."
~ Erwin Meinhardt

"Julio - We had a good time yesterday. You are very good at what you do. You display the most valuable attributes of a good teacher, being non-judgemental and very accepting. We can see why you are successful." ~ Russ

"I took the concealed weapon class. Julio was great! My friends and I are getting ready to take the Tactical Pistol 1 course. Can't wait!" 

Next Concealed Weapons Permit ClassWhen you take the class with us, we will give you the information on how to get your license back in 4 to 7 weeks (normally), instead of the regular 5-7 months!!!

If you are a legal U.S. resident (it is not necessary to be a U.S. citizen), 21 years of age or older, and of good character, you are entitled to a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. 

You are required to take a Concealed Weapons Permit Class before you can apply for your licence. The cost for the licence is $112, and must be paid directly to the State.

Our Concealed Weapons Permit Classes last 3 to 4 hours (+ time at the shooting range after), depending on class size, and will give you the necessary foundations to handle, care for and carry your handgun. When coming to class, all you need to bring is a valid form of ID.
All the needed notary services, fingerprinting, photos, help to fill out the aplication, etc. will be provided at the local State of FL office. 
Our class covers topics like:

bullet1.gifProper Equipment and Maintenance 


bullet1.gifCartridge malfunctions (Misfire, Hangfire, Squibfire)

bullet1.gifProper Handling of Firearms

bullet1.gifFlorida Laws*


bullet1.gifProper Grip


bullet1.gifSight Alignment

bullet1.gifProper Trigger Press Techniques

bullet1.gifTactical/Defensive Mindset

                           ... and much more!

*As laws tend to change over time, it is the applicant's responsibility to know the law and to find out about possible changes.   


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We can also arrange Concealed Weapons Permit Classes On-Request, at the time and date of your convenience. 1 Student $130. Additional students in your party only $65. Please contact us to make sure we have the date you wish to book available.
*Loaner gun and ammunition included. Range fee not included (Paid directly to the shooting range.)

CWP Class on Request  1 Person $130

CWP Class on Request 2 People $195

CWP Class on Request  3 People $245

CWP Class on Request 4 People $295

Permit Now Valid for 7 Years and in 35 States!

Florida Reciprocity States

35 States (at this time) honor Florida's Concealed Weapons Permit. Below is a list with links to each state's laws, rules and regulations. Numbers in parentheses next to each state's name are explained in the legend below. 

Alabama (1,3,5)

Alaska (1)

Arizona (6)

Arkansas (1)

Colorado (1,4)


Georgia (1)

Idaho (3,6)

Indiana (1,3,6)

Iowa (6)

Kansas (1,4)


Louisiana (1)

Michigan (1,4)

Mississippi (1)

Missouri (1)

Montana (3)

Nabraska (1)

New Hampshire (1,3,4,6)

New Mexico (1)

North Carolina (1)

North Dakota (3,6)

Ohio (1)

Oklahoma (1)

Pennsylvania (1,6)

South Carolina (1,4,6)

South Dakota (1,3)

Tennessee (1,6)

Texas (1,3,6)

Utah (1,6)

Vermont (2)

Virginia (1,6)

Washington (1,6)

West Virginia (1,4)

Wyoming (1,3)

(1) While Florida allows licensees to carry knives, stun guns and billy clubs in a concealed fashion, the laws in these states allows for concealed carry of handguns only. Florida license holders are prohibited from carrying other types of weapons while in these states.

(2) The State of Vermont is unique in that it does not issue Concealed Carry Permits. Florida license holders -- licensed or unlicensed citizens from any state -- may carry in Vermont. This presents a problem for reciprocity with Florida. Florida law provides that an out-of-state resident must have in his or her possession a valid license to carry a concealed weapon. Since Vermont has no such license, the right to concealed carry cannot be extended to them under Florida law. 

(3) Individuals qualify for Concealed Weapons License in these states upon reaching 18 years of age. However, any licensee of these reciprocity states who is not 21 years of age or older is prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon in Florida.  

(4) These states will honor the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit only if the license holder is a resident of the State of Florida.

(5) The Attorney General's office of the state of Alabama has indicated that Alabama will honor both resident and non-resident Florida licenses. However, the Alabama Attorney General notes that there are some uncertainty as to the limits of Alabama's reciprocity law as it pertains to non-resident licenses. Pending clarifications by the Alabama Legislature or a decision by an Alabama court, he urges non-resident Florida license holders to exercise caution. Refer to the Alabama AG's web site for the latest information.

(6) These states issue Concealed Weapons Permits to qualified non-residents. These non residents cannot be honored under Florida's reciprocity provision.   

*Course purchases are transferable but non refundable. Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 2 weeks prior to class date. Private Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 30 days prior to class date. CWP Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within seven (7) days prior to class date. Miami Firearms Training, Inc reserves the right to refuse training to anyone as they see fit at any time.  

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