The series of Tactical Pistol classes will provide you with skills ranging from fundamentals of pistol shooting, safety, cartridge/pistol malfunctions and reload techniques to advanced drills such as 2 man team room clearing drills, moving shooting and communicating with your team mate.
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The series of Tactical Rifle classes will provide you with the skills ranging from the fundamentals to very advanced skills such as transitions from primary to secondary, communicating with your partner while conducting live scenarios. There is a Tactical Rifle 3, but this is an invitation class only.
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The Tactical Shotgun class will provide you with the skills ranging from the fundamental understanding of tactical shotgun shooting, to advanced drills and setting them in different scenarios. The only prerequisite to attend this class is to be familiar with your weapon system.
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Providing world class instruction In an enjoyable and SAFE atmosphere

Miami Firearms Training is dedicated in teach real world Tactics and techniques. We don’t take short cuts. We teach the correct way from the CWP to the most advance Tactical 3 classes. We want to make sure our students learn the proper way and excel to their full potential.

Choosing a Firearms SchoolProfessionals all in one place

The hardest step will be making the decision to take your very first class ... Just do your research and pick one! You will learn more from your first instructor than from any other, so make sure you choose the one that is right for you.
  • Instructor: Look at the instructors qualifications, both as an instructor and a shooter. Do you have access to the instructor by phone or e-mail? If you have questions, you have the right to an answer. Does the school teach the courses offered, or do they host other instructors? If they host other instructors, you might want to consider the option of going directly to that instructor instead.
  • Testimonials: What are the other student's comments? Do they look authentic? Do they cover the classes you are interested in taking?
  • Photos: "A picture tells a thousand words!" Are they Internet "Stock photos"? Are they only of the instructors, or photos from actual classes?
  • Classroom: Do they have an office? What range do they use for their training?
  • Classes: Do they have scheduled classes (weekly, monthly?) in what you are interested in? If they don't, they might not have a full time school.
  • Primary function: Is the primary function of the training school firearms training? Training is what you are looking for; not security services, private investigations, bodyguards, etc. If the company is trying to do too many things, your class might get lost in the mix!
  • For the Concealed Weapons Permit Classes, ask if they actually shoot at a range (not airsoft pistols), and ask what caliber they use (not .22). If you qualify with an airsoft or caliber .22, imagine the difference if you have to defend your life in an actual encounter with a 9mm or larger.
  • Look at the entire website. Educate yourself and ask the right questions.
  • If you are wondering if you are ready for a more advanced class, call the instructor and discuss it with him.
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