Tactical Pistol 2

Next Available Classes:

Saturday MARCH 2, 2019 Location Southwest Ranches

Saturday October 26, 2019 Homestead

Price: $195.00


For more information please contact your instructor.

Bring-A-Friend” discount: $330 for 2 people — bring a friend to a tactical pistol 2 class and save!

Time to take it to the next level! In Tactical Pistol 2 we will be shooting plenty of real-life simulations of self-defense scenarios, do incapacitation drills, and learn to shoot from retention. There will also be shooting from the kneeling, the prone and the push-down position, so we recommend bringing kneepads and ground cover (towel or small rug).


We have rental gear available (Includes: 9 mm pistol, holster, magazine holder and 2 magazines) for $25 whole day. (No partial rentals available, only complete gear including pistol, etc.) Please let us know as soon as you sign up, since there is limited availability.   If you are renting gear and bringing your own ammo, the ammo cannot be Russian or Reloaded/Remanufactured.  If we are providing the ammo, the cost will be $175.00 for 400 rounds.


If you are bringing your own firearm (no caliber smaller than 9mm, no revolvers) you will need:

***Pistol 9mm, 40 cal., 45 cal., no .22 and no Revolvers

***A ridged Holster that covers the trigger guard

***Magazine Holder

***2 or 3 Magazines (3 is better, especially if they are low capacity)

***Ear and Eye protection

***Sturdy belt


***Light Lunch

***Sunscreen & mosquito repellant

***Pen & note pad

***Rain Gear (optional)

***Knee and Elbow pads (optional)

***Clothing should be comfortable; pants, t-shirt or polo, boots or sneakers, ball cap, sunglasses.

*** You will need 400 rounds of ammunition. Give us a call if you would like us to provide it.

***  Remember to bring a light lunch + snacks; We will provide plenty of cold beverages!


Click the following link to see a video of the equipment you need to bring:  www.miamifirearmstraining.com/id20.html

If you want to retake a tactical class it will be $125.

As soon as you sign up, we will send you a detailed email letting you know what to bring and where to meet.
Tactical Pistol 1 is mandatory prior to Tactical Pistol 2..
*Course purchases are transferable but non refundable. Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 2 weeks prior to class date. Private Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 30 days prior to class date. CWP Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within seven (7) days prior to class date. Miami Firearms Training, Inc reserves the right to refuse training to anyone as they see fit at any time.
For more information call: 786-222-4301