Tactical Rifle 1

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Saturday April 13, 2019 Location Homestead CLASS FULL

Saturday Aug. 24, 2019 Location Homestead Training Center

Saturday Nov. 30, 2019 Location Homestead Training Center

Saturday Dec. 7, 2019 Location Homestead Training Center

                                                                                    Cost $195.00


For more information please contact your instructor.

Bring-A-Friend” discount: $330 for 2 people — bring a friend to a tactical Rifle 1 class and save!

Rental rifles available: $100 

We have rental gear available. Please inquire prior to signing up to class, to make sure we still have rentals available. Rental equipment includes: Rifle AR 15, 3 magazines, magazine holder, sling. If you are buying your own ammo, it cannot be Russian or Reloaded/Remanufactured.
No Rifle rental for Tactical Rifle 2.





This is a whole day beginners Tactical Rifle Course that will introduce you to all the fundamentals of tactical rifle shooting.

Some of the lesson objectives will be:

  • Shooting multiple targets
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting while using available cover
  • Shooting from the kneeling position
  • Shooting from the prone position
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  • Required Equipment:
  • ***Rifle: AR, M4, AK, or Bullpup type — or similar platform
  • ***Minimum 4 magazines
  • ***Magazine holder
  • ***600 rounds of ammunition
  • ***Tactical sling (MUST)
  • ***Eye and Ear protection
  • ***Cleaning kit (learn how to disassemble you weapon system before coming to class )
  • ***Gloves (your rifle will get hot!)
  • Optional equipment:
  • ***Red Dot Sight (strongly recommended)
  • ***Knee pads
  • ***Elbow pads
  • ***Prone cover
  • ***Ball cap/hat
  • ***Sunscreen (!!!)
  • ***Mosquito repellent
  • ***Pen and note pad
  • ***Raincoat
  • ***Towel/blanket/rug for the prone position
  • ***Light Lunch and snacks. We will provide plenty of cold beverages!
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  • CLICK HERE  to view a video of the equipment needed for this class: 


 This course is an introduction to tactical rifle shooting, so beginners are more than welcome! (Though you need to be familiar with you weapon system.)We always do our best to ensure that all our students, regardless of skill levels, feel comfortable and will have a great time at the range! 
If you want to retake a tactical class it will be $125.
*Course purchases are transferable but non refundable. Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 2 weeks prior to class date. Private Tactical Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within 30 days prior to class date. CWP Classes can be rescheduled without penalty within seven (7) days prior to class date. Miami Firearms Training, Inc reserves the right to refuse training to anyone as they see fit at any time.
For more information call: 786-222-4301